Friday, September 11, 2009

Photography for Your Jewellery and Craft Site.

The out of doors lighting helps to create pretty photographs. It is harder to snap jewellery than other crafts. This takes actually nice photos, but doesn't use up as much drive space. Employing a scanner to take photographs - Use the highest setting for you scanner to scan your footage.

Revising for Internet site : Before we start modifying your pictures there are a couple of things that you must know : Do NOT save your photographs in JPEG format till you are DONE editing. Save your original files in your photograph modifying programs format like. I like my "thumbnail" photographs to be 125 pixels x 125 pixels. When you hear the word "beads," do you straight away think about jewelry? Or do you think about Rosary beads or another non-jewelry use of beadsbeaded dresses, headbands, belts? Maybe you think about a country and western outfit, a studded, head-to-toe piece of jewellery. If you are a product of the sixty's, you might imagine of "love beads," which complemented the long-haired, rough look, or your intellect may ramble to the long strands of beads that once graced within entrances in Haight Ashbury with sounds of The Mamas and the Dads grating in the background. Bohemia ( aptly named ) was the middle of the ECU bead trade from as far back as the Middle Ages. In 1990, American Indian conventional beadwork intersected with PC sciences. Modern Beads Now that we've wandered down memory lane and taken a fast look at vintage beads, beads no longer in production, where do beads fit into today's jewellery scene? They are wherever you look from casual chokers and necklaces to fine Swarovski Austrian crystal designs. You'll have to choose how small or large you need your photos. These are all tools that you are going to have to play with to get the look that you need. You are able to save most photos for sites at 60%-80%. You'll also need to play with this to find the correct balance between picture standard and load time. For instance : -Picture saved at 60%, not real clear, loads in three seconds -Picture saved at seventy percent, pretty clear, loads in 4 seconds -- best chance.

-Picture saved at eighty percent, very clear, loads in ten seconds If your program doesn't offer, Save for Web, you'll have to read the directions on saving for a site.

Lisa Jay is a contract writer and the jewellery designer behind Lantana Designwear.
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