Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hot Marriage Trend : Platinum Marriage Rings.

In our hungry-for-anything new popular culture world, stars are sometimes the ones that may start a hot fashion trend allegedly overnite. With their heavy media exposure, they're frequently snapped wearing the newest styles in fashion and jewellery. Platinum engagement and marriage rings are the newest celebrity trend which has taken the jewellery industry by hurricane.

Many high-profile newlyweds have taken a shine to the cool magnificence of platinum. "Platinum is like our relationship in that it is powerful, valuable and timeless," announces Nick Lachey about the custom made platinum marriage rings he and his better half Jessica Simpson got married with. Click now for stuff about mens wedding bands. It appears that view of the lustrous metal is shared by other celebrity couples as well like : Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Adam Sandler and Jackie Titone, as well as, well-liked actresses Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson. Early Egyptian marriage rings were easy circular bands, crudely made from indigenous materials like hemp and reeds.

The lifespan of the average marriage ring was approximately one year. It's a sure thing the average wedding outlasted the average marriage band, since the never-ending circle signified endless love and attention. The circle also represented the joining of 2 halves to create an entire. In truth, early Irish couples asserted on gold, as any other material was thought to bring bad luck at best, and represent an illegal wedding at worst.

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