Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preparing for your marriage Part I.

You need it to be an one-off, remarkable occasion for you and your visitors. The following are recommended items you need to have on your to-do or done list. Before the marriage day Engagement Send out engagement press releases Commemorate the occasion with engagement gifts to one another and perhaps even with an engagement portrait. Invites when you have set your marriage date, this is also the time to select and order your invites and enclosures, envelope seals, many thanks notes and postage. Check the post office for the love / marriage or other pretty stamps. Reservations remember to make reservations for your Walk thru luncheons or dinners and the hotel accommodations for your out of the town guest. The Added Touch Surprise your out of the city guests with remarkable welcome gifts awaiting them at the hotel. Attend to the occassion wants and clothes For unique, hand made, one-in-a-million or customised accessories visit the shops in this mall.

Prepare and print programs and allot a special person to hand them out. Ensure that the bride's marriage robe and accessories, the groom's clothes and accessories and the clothes and accessories for the mummies, dads and marriage attendants accessories are prepared. For plenty more articles about mens wedding rings. Order the flowers ( fresh or silk ) for the bride, the groom, the marriage party and the flower kids. Select memento gifts for the bridal party ( Personalised gifts like candles become valued souvenirs and they will never forget your anniversary. We got wed 8 months after we met. I became more dependant on my man. He had me believing I could not handle the cash - that I would not be in a position to balance the checkbook and I would run up the charge cards. He told me we were always behind on our bills because I could not figure the budget in the right way. Select souvenir gifts for the bridal party ( Customised gifts like candles become appreciated souvenirs and they may never forget your anniversary.

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